Fog, mist over some parts of UAE: Mild weather ahead?

Weather to remain hot in general during daytime, fair by night

09:54 September 5, 2017
WEB_130122 FOG66

Dubai: Pleasant weather may just be around the corner, with foggy patches developing quite frequently of late.

Fog and mist formations, as well as poor visibility, were again observed in some parts of the UAE on Tuesday morning, weather alerts have indicated. Early morning temperatures also dropped to as low as 23.1 degrees Celsius.

The National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) reported foggy patches over certain areas, including Swiehan, with mist developing over airports in Abu Dhabi and Al Bateen.

Forecasters have put out an alert to motorists, to watch out for fog and road visibility reducing to less than 1,000 metres. The lowest recorded temperature for the day was 23.1 degrees Celsius in Jais Mountain at 5.45am. 

For the rest of Tuesday, residents in the UAE can expect the weather to remain hot in general during daytime, fair by night and partly cloudy and slightly hazy at times.

However, there will be light to moderate winds that may cause blowing dust over some exposed areas, and humidity is expected to increase again in the evening.

“Clouds will form over some eastern areas, becoming convective at times during afternoon, may associate with rainfall,” the weather bureau said.