Fair weather on Friday, drop in temperature on Saturday

Weather this weekend will be just right for those going outdoors for Dubai Fitness Challenge

14:50 October 19, 2017

Dubai: The weather will not be too big of an issue on the first day of the Dubai Fitness Challenge on Friday, and will be a bit more appealing the next day as temperatures are expected to drop on Saturday.

Forecasters said they expect this weekend to be fair and partly cloudy in Dubai with light to moderate winds in general, which is just right for people heading out for getting their daily dose of exercise.

Dubai’s citywide fitness challenge will kick off on Friday with thousands of residents and visitors expected to head to Safa Park for the Opening Weekend Carnival that offers scores of free fitness and sporting activities.

But do put on your sunscreens still and don’t forget to stay hydrated as Dubai is expected to have temperatures ranging between 25 degree Celsius to 36C, forecasters said.

“The overall maximum temperature for the whole country is expected to be 33C to 37C. That means the mercury will peak between 1.30pm or 2pm and 4pm. But this heat will just be for these two hours and will also come down after that,” a forecaster from the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) told Gulf News.

Those doing water sports may want to take caution in the Arabian Gulf as it will be slight to moderate with onshore waves reaching three feet, and waves offshore reaching up to seven feet.

By late Friday evening, forecasters expect humidity to increase to 85 per cent in Dubai and may increase discomfort for others outdoors. Fog or mist may form until early morning on Saturday.

The good news is forecasters expect around a three-degree drop in temperature to just 30C to 33C on Saturday afternoon, compared to 33C to 37C the previous day.

Winds will still be light to moderate in general, freshening at times during noon over exposed areas.

Forecasters, however, warn those heading out to see on Saturday to be cautious as the Arabian Gulf will be rough with onshore waves reaching up to two feet to four feet, and far out at sea between six feet and eight feet.