Watch: Dubai policeman risks life on highway

A video of a Dubai police officer pushing a broken-down car on a busy highway has gone viral

07:52 October 11, 2017

Dubai: A traffic officer has been promoted after he put his life at risk while trying to push a car down a busy road in Dubai.

The incident, which was posted on Dubai Police’s Facebook page, shows Officer Waleed Mal Allah Abdullah helping a man push a sedan car away to safety.

The car broke down in the middle of the road, and according to CCTV footage, the police officer bravely walked through traffic and was able to leave the vehicle in the service lane.

A major traffic pile-up had been avoided, and motorists were able to continue their journey without any diversions.   

According to the Facebook post, Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Merri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, then ordered Officer Abdullah's promotion for his heroic efforts and dedication to the job.

Officer Abdullah thanked the chief of Dubai Police, and said that such types of promotions act as an incentive for his colleagues to better serve the community.