Caution: Detours in Dubai Airport Tunnel

The Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai warned motorists about temporary diversions towards the airport

07:39 April 15, 2018
Dubai Airport Tunnel detours

Dubai: Motorists heading towards Airport Road on their daily commute were advised to take alternative routes due to temporary traffic diversions.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai announced a new diversion in the airport tunnel, that were installed last Friday, April 13.

Drivers heading towards Deira and Marrakech Street were advised to use a temporary roundabout at the intersection instead of using the upper bridge.

The RTA, said: “If you are heading from al Qusais to the airport road and Marrakech Road, please be advised to use the alternative routes such as Nadd Al Hamar Street, Rebat Street and the internal streets in Umm Ramoul in order to reach your destination.”