700 truck and bus drivers fined for driving through fog

They were fined between December 21 and 24 for disobeying instructions to avoid driving in zero visibility

Staff Report
18:32 December 27, 2017

Abu Dhabi: More than 700 truck and bus drivers were found violating road traffic rules during the foggy weather conditions in Abu Dhabi, police said on Wednesday.

A total of 753 truck and bus drivers were issued fines between December 21 and 24 for violting traffic laws.

Brigadier Dr Abdullah Al Suwaidi, deputy director of external roads, said the rules were enforced on trucks, public buses and workers’ buses which have a capacity of 14, 24 and 60 passengers.

They were found driving during foggy weather despite being instructed to avoid doing so until visibility level improves, he said.

Al Suwaidi asserted that the rules on mobility during low visibility levels will be enforced on internal and external roads of Abu Dhabi.

The police said as per the road traffic rule No. 178 for 2017, the fine for truck drivers is Dh1,000 with four black points for driving during foggy weather, while bus drivers are fined Dh500 with four black points. He urged truck and bus drivers to follow traffic rules and avoid driving during foggy weather until visibility improves. Light vehicle drivers are advised to stop in a safe area when visibility level drops to zero and turn on their hazard lights.