Now, climb to the pinnacle of Burj Khalifa?

A new virtual reality (VR) experience simulates the real-feel of scaling Burj Khalifa

Gulf News Report
13:32 December 18, 2017
Mission 828

Ever wondered what it would be like to climb to the pinnacle of Burj Khalifa before parachuting down to the Dubai Fountain?

Now you can with a new virtual reality (VR) experience that simulates the real-feel of scaling Burj Khalifa’s 160 habitable floors before embarking on a white-knuckle climb to the top of the spire.

Mission 828 has been simulated to take users to the very top of the tower before descending down in a journey which can be completed in four minutes.

A ‘mission commander’ reaches out to users as they ride the elevator on VR mode to the 160th level where they collect suction gloves to ascent the spire, before grabbing a parachute for the free-fall VR ride into the dancing fountains.

The VR experience uses ‘room scale’ tracking technology that enables users to move in three-dimensional space and interact with the environment with motion-tracked handheld controllers. The pods even have a wind-effect, whereby the VR ride is as close to real as possible.

Mission 828 has been developed by an expert team that has worked for the Philharmonic Orchestra, UNICEF, British Fashion Council and Rotary International as well as supported film and TV productions such as Harry Potter 6 and 7. Apart from the regular ticket charge, Mission 828 can be experienced with an additional ticket of just AED 35 per person.

Regular ticket prices are currently at an average of AED 125 for At the Top, Burj Khalifa, and AED 500 for At the Top, Burj Khalifa SKY. For bookings, log on to: For more information, please call, 800 AT THE TOP (288 438 67) or visit: