Hatta Valley Park, People's Square open in Hatta

Municipality marks end of 37th Plantation Week by opening Hatta Valley Park and People’s Square in Hatta

Staff Report
16:06 March 16, 2017
Hatta Valley Park

Dubai Municipality has marked the conclusion of 37th Plantation Week activities by opening the Hatta Valley Park along with the People’s Square in Hatta in the presence of Humaid Al Qatami, Chairman of the Board and Director General of the Dubai Health Authority, Eng. Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director General of Dubai Municipality, Assistants to the Director General, directors of departments and other senior officials.

Hatta Valley Park, the first such park in Hatta, was constructed at a cost of Dh15 million. Located near the Hatta Rocky Mountains, the park provides the visitor spectacular views on the history of Dubai in the mountainous areas, which have become important heritage sites for tourists and community members to spend quality time.

Lootah said that the Hatta Valley Park will be a new addition to the Municipality’s tourism and leisure services projects in Hatta, which is an important hub of tourism and heritage.

He stressed the municipality's keenness in implementing the project by constructing a park that matches the terrain of the surrounding mountainous region, and keeping the character of the valley, through the use of rock and natural materials available in the local environment.

“We wanted it to be one of the outstanding landmarks, and complementary to the recreational, educational and tourism projects carried out by the Municipality to diversify the forms of entertainment for residents and tourists,” said Lootah.

The 6-hectare park is equipped with all necessary services and facilities in an excellent location at the entrance of Hatta.

The main entrance opens to a plaza, followed by service buildings and toilets, as well as a cafeteria at an elevated place overlooking the garden features. All areas of the park are linked by a main pathway.

The park is planted with local trees that are matched to the mountain environment, and provided with shaded seating for the convenience of visitors.

There is a landmark hill structure with the natural rock to give the park distinctive mountain character, and this area has been utilized for providing open places for barbeque and there are other places roofed with palm fronds to resemble heritage huts to allow privacy for families.


Other facilities of the park includes a 1,200 meter long running track, a fitness area and playgrounds for children aged between 2 to 12 years, in addition to rubber flooring to protect them.

The park is characterized by the presence of a stream where water from the valley flows from the northern side. It has been protected with a barrier with natural stones and rocks, materials commensurate with the mountain environment.

The park is provided with a water fall using the water flowing smoothly from the valley naturally, with valley rafting facility, in addition to a herbal area, making the park a place to go for a successful exploration trip to the landmarks of Hatta with exciting balloon adventures.

The fenced park has a shaded parking area for 80 vehicles; the umbrellas of these shades are fitted with solar panels that produce alternative energy enough to light up the whole park.

The Public Parks and Horticulture Department supplied agricultural soil and plants and also carried out the horticultural work.

The park has date palm trees, 53 decorative trees, 197 bushes, 1,268 square meters of green spaces, 442 square meters of covered soil, 252 meters of plant walls, and 12 square meters of flowers.

People Square

The People’s Square in Hatta, spread over an area of 0.44 hectares, was constructed at an estimated cost of Dh2 million. It includes two games arenas for children, one for children between one to five years, and the other for children from the age of 6 to 12 years, fitted with rubber surface and colorful umbrellas.