Fine for barbecuing in non-designated areas in Dubai parks soon

Dubai Municipality mulls slapping fine on violators from first quarter of 2018

19:17 December 28, 2017

Dubai: There is no ban on barbecuing in designated areas in Dubai’s public parks. However, those who grill in undesignated areas in the parks will soon be fined, a senior official told Gulf News.

Mohammad Abdul Rahman Al Awadhi, director of Parks and Horticulture Department, said that Dubai Municipality will be implementing penalties for park visitors setting up barbecues in undesignated areas in the first quarter of 2018.

“Now we are only advising people not to barbecue in non-designated areas. We have not been issuing warnings even. But, there is a plan to issue fines to people who do it,” said Al Awadhi.

He said the new fines would be implemented in the first quarter of 2018. However, he did not disclose the amount of the fine.

“We are still in the procedure [of finalising it],” he said.

Despite being cautioned against the bad practices, people continue the violation, forcing the civic body to consider strict action, he explained.

Many park visitors do not barbecue on purpose-built stands, and damage the landscape and irrigation system, said Al Awadhi. Such practices are also a threat for the safety of other visitors and cleanliness in the parks.

A ban on bonfires and barbecuing on public beaches in Dubai has been in place since 2010, according to previous Gulf News reports.

Post 2014 New Year celebrations, the municipality had started issuing a Dh1,000 fine on those who build fires and barbecue on beaches.

It is not clear if the same amount will be imposed on violators in the public parks also.