Emirates Post Group issues set of commemorative stamps

The stamps feature images of the most important landmarks from each emirate

Staff Report
11:48 November 18, 2017
UAE stamps

Dubai: Emirates Post Group has issued a set of commemorative stamps for the International Year or Sustainable Tourism for Development.

Images of the most important tourist landmarks of each emirate appear on the stamps. These images include Emirates Palace, the Burj Khalifa, Alnoor Island, Ajman Museum, Al-Shuhada Square, Al-Jazirah Al-Hamra and Fujairah’s most important tourist attractions.

The stamps are available in dedicated outlets, including tools and albums of commemorative stamps.

The stamps, issued in cooperation with World Tourism Organisation and Universal Postal Union, support the initiatives and endeavors of the UAE to promote the tourism sector and to raise awareness of the country’s significant tourist landmarks.

Acting CEO of Emirates Post Group Mr. Abdullah Mohammed Al Ashram, said that this issuance sheds light on the decision taken by United Nations General Assembly in its 70th session of defining 2017 as International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, which aims to educate decision-makers and the public on the role of the sustainable tourism and its contribution to development and to consolidate the efforts of all concerned persons to work together to make tourism an incentive of positive change.

Mr. Abdulla added that this international initiative highlights the role of tourism in several key areas, i.e. inclusive and sustainable economic growth, social integration, employment generation, poverty reduction, resource efficiency, environmental protection, climate change as well as cultural values, diversity, heritage, values of mutual understanding and peace and security.