Coming soon: UAE Park in China

Dubai Municipality to open the project in December as part of Expo 2018 China

Staff Report
13:42 March 7, 2018
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Dubai: Dubai Municipality announced on Wednesday that UAE Park will officially open in December in Nanning, the capital of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, in southern China.

The civic body, which will represent the UAE in Expo 2018 China, has participated in designing the project that spans 1,700 square metres, it said in a press release.

Arwan Al Mohammad, director of General Projects Department at Dubai Municipality, said the park is being built to high professional standards and quality. He said an excellent creative design philosophy has been used to reflect the development process witnessed by the UAE over time.

The official said a visitor’s journey to the park begins through the Barajeel area, which reflects the UAE’s heritage of wind towers.

“A replica of the logo of the upcoming World Expo Dubai 2020 is placed in the centre of this area. It is proposed to use virtual reality technology, which enables the visitor to follow the stages of the unique architectural development of the UAE,” he said.

“In order to introduce the visitors to the ancient Bedouin life, a ‘Bedouin Tent’ is located in the park, with necessary heritage and aesthetic elements such as pottery and Falaj [traditional irrigation canal], which is connected to a lake, with a traditional wooden bridge to cross over to the other side.”

Once there visitors will enter an urban area that reflects the UAE’s development over the years.

In this area, there will be an open space with sunken seating facilities, where visitors will be able to enjoy a ‘Skyline Fountain’ and metal formations that form the most important architectural monuments of the UAE such as the Burj Khalifa and Shaikh Zayed Mosque, Al Mohammad added.

He said the modern urban area also contains a mini outdoor theatre with a large screen for the transmission of all national events of the UAE directly, such as the UAE National Day celebrations and other national events celebrated in the country.

The design of the park was decided by an experienced team from the General Projects Department of Dubai Municipality.

The team was keen to apply quality standards on the unique designs of all sections and areas of the park. The organisers of Expo 2018 China praised the uniqueness of the project and expressed their wish to use it as a technical reference for consultants during the preparation of reports, the municipality said.

The project comes within the framework of Dubai Municipality’s continuous endeavour to highlight the global urban development of the UAE and to emphasise its distinguished position in the architectural and engineering fields, it added.