Abu Dhabi’s 96-hour visa is a winning idea

New option will be a huge boost for tourism as the UAE capital already offers an array of attractions

Gulf News
16:51 November 28, 2017

The launch of a new visa counter at Terminal 3 of Abu Dhabi International Airport, that will issue a 96-hour visa as well as other types of mission and tourist visas for all nationalities in quick time, is a complementary move that is in perfect alliance with the growing allure and magnetism of Abu Dhabi as a tourist destination. Passengers who are not eligible for the visa-upon-arrival category can now approach this counter to apply for, and obtain, the relevant visa within 15-30 minutes. This is, hands-down, a tourism booster because, beyond the archetypical inducements of sights, sounds, history, heritage and shopping that embellish a place’s appeal, ease of access to a place works as a real deal-maker. The easier it is to gain entry to a country or place, the more likely are tourists to include the destination in their travel plans.

The multi-faceted evolution of Abu Dhabi across the spectrum — from being an aesthetics hub with spectacular art receptacles, natural beauty, to culture hot spots, festivals, wildlife, architecture, leisure and sport — has rendered it a surefire tourist choice. Such an array of attractions must be accompanied with smart tourism objectives and the new visa option has a lot going for them. The 96-hour visa works as an appetiser, drawing in tourists to take a quick break from their onward plans and the fact that tourists can change their transit visa to a tourist visa at the airport if they are planning to extend their stay in the capital, is the perfect extension of this facility.

There is nothing more irresistible for tourists than a beautiful, dynamic destination welcoming them with speedy, easy, processes of entry.

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