You will not get lost in Sharjah anymore

App helps locate every corner of the emirate using the new postal code system

17:32 October 10, 2017

Dubai: Finding your way around Sharjah will be a breeze as a new mobile application launched at the 37th Gitex Technology Week will help locate every part of the emirate without a hassle.

Developed by the Sharjah Urban Planning Council (SUPC), the application offers a 3D view of the entire city, helping locate places of interest like tourist destinations, restaurants, hospitals, malls as well as residential and business addresses.

Available on iOS and Android as Sharjah Postal Code, the system accurately maps the emirate by identifying locations using a five-digit code detailing the emirate, the city, the area and a two-digit sector code.

The app allows users to find a postal code for any entity in Sharjah or locate any place by just keying in the postal code.

Revealing details of the new system to Gulf News, Khalid Al Ali, secretary-general of SUPC, said that the new postal code will be a key factor in enhancing the level of postal services available to the public and businesses.

“In the first phase, the system covers only the Sharjah City, but at a later stage we will cover the entire emirate. The app will not only help people find locations without any hassle, but it will also help individuals and business establishments receive their mails in time,” said Al Ali.

He added that the app will come as a boon for delivery boys who can save time.

“This is an advanced and accurate way-finding system that will save people’s time and will also help businesses to have more visibility. The delivery boys will spend less time finding an address as the postal code will help them locate a place accurately, with the app offering turn-to-turn guide,” he added.

The service, which is already live, will require no registration by homeowners or tenants and is being implemented free of cost.


More accurate and efficient door-to-door delivery

Helps find locations more easily

Helps emergency services find locations easily

Saves time and cost on deliveries

Finding businesses in different areas to be easier