Travellers urged to get necessary vaccines

Residents can avail of health services and medical consultations at the Traveller Health Clinics

Staff Report
14:50 August 7, 2017

Dubai: The Ministry of Health and Prevention is calling on holidaymakers to visit its Traveller Health Clinics before visiting other countries in order to take the necessary vaccinations.

Travellers can avail of health services and medical consultations at the Traveller Health Clinics in the preventive medicine departments of all the emirates throughout the year, the ministry said.

These services provided free of charge to all Emiratis and at an affordable price for UAE residents are also available at Al Muhaisna Centre and Etihad Centre.

“Many travellers do not realise the importance of the medical aspect of travelling, which is essential and important when choosing their destinations,” said Dr Fatima Al Attar, Family Medicine Consultant, Head of Travellers Clinic team.

“The Ministry of Health and Prevention believes in the importance of educating travellers about the health risks that they may be exposed to when visiting other countries. It encourages them to visit screening centres before leaving the country so that they may take necessary vaccinations as a precautionary measure,” she said.

The clinics offer a range of quality health and preventive services based on the guidelines of the World Health Organisation and relevant scientific studies. The services include raising awareness of travellers about the importance of visiting these centres before travelling to assess health risks, determine their health status, and take vaccinations and other preventive medications required by the country of destination.

The ministry has reiterated that travellers must take precautions and take note of travel tips to avoid acquiring any type of diseases and other health-related concerns while out of the country.

The ministry also advised to consult a doctor in order to receive necessary vaccinations at least a month before travelling overseas in order to prevent certain infectious diseases. Medications can also be prescribed by the doctor and be taken ahead of the trip to prevent malaria.