RTA launches ‘Clothes for Good’ initiative

Drive will help needy people in least developed countries

Staff Report
16:43 March 9, 2018

Dubai: The Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai has launched a ‘Clothes for Good’ initiative to nurture the spirit of volunteering in the UAE community through non-conventional means.

Mouza Al Merri, director of Marketing and Corporate Communication at the Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector, RTA, said, “This innovative initiative, branded as ‘Clothes for Good,’ was launched at Dubai Festival City with the aim of assisting needy people in developing countries. It relies on mustering efforts of RTA volunteers as well as visitors to Dubai Festival City.”

“Uniforms of parking inspectors, bus and taxi drivers, and technical staff, which had to be replaced following the endorsement of the new official uniform, will be reconditioned and recycled. Through certain tools provided at the stand of the event, volunteers sort out, clean, adjust, repair and press these clothes. They will then be packed in a decent form consistent with the intended humanitarian objective. They will then be distributed, in coordination with Global Textile FZE, to needy persons in the least developed countries,” Al Merri said.

Meals on Wheels

The RTA is gearing up for the launch of other initiatives in support of Day for Dubai. They include Ramadan’s ‘Meals On Wheels’ initiative unleashed in 2011 involving the distribution of daily iftar meals in two or three locations throughout the month of Ramadan in cooperation with Bait Al Khair. The ‘Meals On Wheels’ will be running during the holidays of Eid Al Fitr and Eid Al Adha as well as the Back to School season. Suitable gifts will be given away during these three events.”

The RTA is also considering an idea to intensify the operation of the ‘Meals On Wheels’ for a week during Ramadan to cover more areas and reach out to more people in five districts or more every day, Al Merri said.