Dubai Ambulance launches five Year of Zayed initiatives

Community programme will include sports competitions and charitable activities

Staff Report
15:49 February 5, 2018

Dubai: The Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services (DCAS) has launched five community initiatives in line with the Year of Zayed programme.

The initiatives, which will range from sports events to charitable activities, have been inspired by Shaikh Zayed’s work. Khalifa Bin Darrai, executive director of DCAS, said the initiatives aim to highlight Shaikh Zayed’s contributions in various fields.

A logo of Zayed will be put up on DCAS’s website and all its social media channels.

Bin Darrai explained that the first initiative titled The Green Maker will highlight Shaikh Zayed’s role in preserving the environment and also shed light on the importance and benefits of planting palm trees.

He said various palm trees will be planted at ambulance points as part of the initiative, and an exhibition will also be held to present Shaikh Zayed’s achievements.

The second initiative (My Blood for My Country) will give employees an opportunity to donate blood. Under the third initiative (Knights of Zayed), DCAS will train paramedics and other employees in horse riding.

The fourth initiative (Zayed’s Hobbies) will have the DCAS organise seminars and invite lecturers and specialists in UAE’s heritage to speak about Shaikh Zayed. The fifth initiative will be launched by the Sports Committee at DCAS, and will be a championship in kayaking. Government institutions in Dubai will be invited to participate.

DCAS will also organise various competitions throughout the year to highlight Shaikh Zayed’s achievements.