Coca-Cola donates foreign coins to Dubai’s Currency Charity Bank

A large amount of coins of other countries that customers deposited in vending machines donated to Dubai Municipality’s initiative

Staff Report
15:01 January 15, 2018
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Dubai: Coca-Cola has donated a large amount of foreign coins to the Currency Charity Bank, an initiative launched by Dubai Municipality in line with the Year of Giving 2017.

The company collected the coins from its automatic vending machines in different areas of the country. Dubai Municipality said in a press release on Sunday that the coins were among those that people had wrongly inserted in Coca-Cola machines instead of UAE currency for buying aerated drinks.

The company officials said that after collecting the foreign coins from the vending machines, they were sent to charity boxes of various charity organisations operating in the country to be used for charity activities.

After the launch of Dubai Municipality’s Currency Charity Bank initiative, Coca-Cola contacted the Municipality to know the objectives of the initiative.

As it is not generally possible to trade foreign coins in the country, the company decided to contribute them to support the Currency Charity Bank. The amount of the donation was not mentioned.

The company said that it will popularise the initiative across its branches in the country and encourage employees to contribute the surplus of foreign coins in support of charity. It said it will also ensure a presence at forthcoming events of the Currency Charity Bank in support of the initiative.

The foreign coins were handed over to Mariam Bin Fahd, director of Knowledge Management Department, in the presence of a number of officials from the municipality and the company.

Bin Fahd pointed out that the continued contributions of plenty of foreign currency to the Currency Charity Bank confirms that the idea has become established in the minds of people who wish to do charity and, at the same time, it is an indicator of the love of the people of the UAE for charity and to make efforts to ease the lives of people in need the world over.