British School pupils mark harvest festival

Students in Ajman campus set up a market to sell organic vegetables grown in school’s greenhouse

Staff Report
15:09 March 19, 2017

Dubai: The British International School (BIS) in Ajman celebrated its first Harvest Festival of 2017, with students plucking 13 kilograms of organic vegetables from the school’s greenhouse on March 9.

Students from grade five and six collected the best tomatoes and cabbage grown within the campus and set up a stall to sell the harvest.

“The harvest festival has not only energised the spirit of students but also uplifted the feeling of accomplishment from their own labour when the harvested vegetables were sold to parents and teachers,” said the school principal.

The harvest festival offered the students an opportunity to make cross-curricular learning possible with art, science, environment studies, and math all involved in what proved to be a hands-on learning process. The school has also enrolled in the ‘Grow Your Food’ initiative competition by Dubai Municipality.