Watch: Semi-naked man goes live on Arabic news channel

A video of a political analyst fools viewers with his suit... but he’s missing something important

16:46 July 26, 2017
Arab analyst

Dubai: A video clip of a man interviewed for a political television show has gone viral on social networking sites, mainly because of his lack of formality.

The Abu Dhabi Network channel posted the footage on Wednesday, showing Majid Asfour, a Jordanian political analyst, speaking on the Qatar-owned Al Jazeera news network.

On the television screen, viewers can see Asfour dressed formally in a suit and tie. But footage taken from a mobile phone inside his home reveals that the political analyst is sitting in his underwear.   

In the interview, Asfour was commenting on the recent shooting at the Israeli Embassy in Amman, Jordan, when an Israeli security guard killed two Jordanians last Monday.