Now, there's native Arabic support for Instagram

Other functionality, including quick polls and filters, now available to its 63 million users

Gulf News Web Report
18:00 November 1, 2017

DUBAI: Instagram has rolled out some great new features — including native Arabic support released today — to enhance the experience for its 63 million users. 

Instagram, which had about 1.2 million users in the UAE in August, is aiming to hit 2 million by end-December.

Now, take a closer look at all these fancy new Instagram updates, what they mean for you and your Instagram friends.


On November 1, Instagram rolled out native support for languages read from right to left — including Arabic — reported.

Support will be available on the Android version of Instagram first, according to the social media company, which is owned by Facebook.

This brings to 39 the total number of languages the photo-and-video social app supports natively. Everything besides someone's username will be translated, a feature also available in other language options.

Android support makes sense for Instagram, the site said, as over 70 per cent of the Arabic-speaking community who have their phone language set to Arabic are using Android.

To change the language on Instagram, a user simply needs to go to the profile and change it. 


In October, Instagram users were also given the option to add a “poll” sticker to their posts.

Adding polls is similar to any other sticker on Instagram — just drag and drop it onto your image in your story, and you’ll automatically be presented with the option to customise the question and choices. 

People viewing your story will be able to tap on a choice to vote. It will then show the overall results.

To see the results for yourself, simply open up the viewers list for that image or video on your story, and it will show you total vote numbers, who voted, and what they chose.


Along with the new polling stickers, Instagram is also adding an eyedropper tool that allows you to take colours from your pictures to use on text and brushes, and an alignment tool that should help make sure text and stickers are properly centered on your pictures. The Verge reported this feature is limited to iOS, for now. 



Instagram has also expanded some of its features, including the Shopify integration and comment controls. Just in time for the holiday shopping season, Shopify has opened up its Instagram shopping features to thousands of merchants.

This feature allows Shopify businesses to use Instagram as an additional channel, and it’s a lot more streamlined than other third-party shopping apps.