Media office holds crisis communication training programme

Participants go through crisis simulations, tasked them with developing communication plans to defuse their potential impact

Staff Report
21:22 April 10, 2018

Dubai: The Government of Dubai Media Office (GDMO) on Tuesday held a crisis communication training programme for members of the Dubai Media Diplomacy and Communication Network in partnership with the Emirates Diplomatic Academy (EDA).

The programme was delivered by Tom Fletcher, former UK ambassador to Lebanon, and it focused on enhancing the ability of members of the network to quickly respond to potential crisis events. The participants went through a series of crisis simulations and tasked them with developing communication plans to defuse their potential impact.

Mona Al Merri, director-general of the Government of Dubai Media Office, said: “Advanced strategic communication is particularly vital to the UAE’s aspiration to be a global leader.”

“The programme supports our broader objective of helping communication leaders engage, communicate, react, and adapt proactively to the strategic media challenges of today, not only locally but also globally,” she added.

Bernardino León, president of the EDA said: “Reputational challenges can come in any shape or form, and communication leaders have to be skilled in using strategic tools to ensure the country’s hard-earned global reputation is always safeguarded. This crisis communication programme was designed to address the specific needs of communication leaders in the UAE. Programmes like this will support communication leaders in responding effectively to any kind of challenge or crisis.”

The programme also aimed to help participants build teamwork, tactical awareness and media and communication skills. The simulation exercises were designed to support participants in building the resilience, patience, confidence and flexibility necessary to cope with the pressure of crisis situations.

The crisis communication training programme is the latest in a series of leadership development opportunities created by GDMO for members of the Dubai Media Diplomacy and Communication Network. Developed in partnership with the Emirates Diplomatic Academy, the programme was offered exclusively to members of the network.

The course supports GDMO’s broader efforts to help communication leaders in the UAE’s public and private sectors thrive in today’s globalised environment, and respond innovatively to the challenges of communicating in a changing media landscape.