Dubai gives reporters science training

Scientific projects in UAE mean more media skills needed, says body of scientists

Staff Report
15:59 August 8, 2017

Dubai: Journalists in the UAE started learning on Tuesday how to break down scientific concepts in easy-to-understand terms.

The four-month programme, conducted by the Dubai Press Club (DPC) and the Emirates Scientists Council, aims to help reporters explain precise details of science accurately in simple terms.

The programme will also include field visits to scientific institutions in the UAE.

Currently in its first phase, the programme only targets a small group of journalists.

“The programme will equip journalists with the basic background information required for writing clear and accurate stories for the audience,” said Sara Al Amiri, the chief of the Emirates Scientists Council.

“In doing so, the council aims to create an environment conducive to scientific research, seeking to empower a generation of future UAE scientists,” Al Amiri added.

The programme comes in line with the latest developments in the UAE in the fields of space, energy and other science-based fields, said Aliah Al Theeb, the Dubai Press Club’s director.

A recent key project is the UAE’s planned mission to Mars and the launch of Mars 2117 project, which aims to transport people to the Red Planet within a century.

“The increasing number of scientific topics and specialised disciplines and the widespread of new media platforms requires journalists who can communicate detailed and too complicated information in simple terms that are useful for the audience,” Al Theeb said.

Unspecialised reporters, she added, are no longer required as each branch of science has its tools and methods of reporting.