Urban infrastructure projects to come up in Hatta

The projects, including the Al Sheraa heritage area, public rest areas, and pathways will promote tourism and business

Staff Report
16:30 August 22, 2017
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New urban infrastructure projects will soon come up in Hatta to support the business growth and promote tourism in the Dubai exclave.

Dubai Municipality is currently implementing the first batch of its projects as part of the Hatta Comprehensive Development Plan launched by Dubai Government in 2016.

The Dh1.3 billion development plan aims to develop the area’s social and economic attractiveness as a world-class environmental tourist destination in the region. It comprises three main areas including economic and service sector, tourism and sports, while the third one involves culture and education.

Omar Saeed Al Mutaiwei, Head of Hatta Centre at Dubai Municipality, said that the first batch of projects aim will improve Hatta’s competitiveness based on the area’s natural and social resources.

The projects include developing the Al Sheraa heritage area, building 30 public rest houses and constructing a 2-km pathway.

The Dh2.5-million project to develop the Al Sheraa heritage area will best utilise the rich historic and heritage elements.

Home to a 200-year-old mosque, the Al Sheraa area is located in the heart of Hatta and is one of the most important archeological sites in Dubai and the UAE.

“Al Sheraa project has several phases. The first phase includes the fencing, the lighting and the paving of the pedestrian pathways to give access to the area’s attractions. The project also includes building eight rest houses, a gate and an information office,” Al Mutaiwei said.

Dubai Municipality also allocated commercial areas for startups to encourage Hatta’s entrepreneurs and give them business opportunities.

Tourism projects

Apart from the heritage area, Dubai Municipality will also build and equip 30 environmentally friendly rest areas to serve visitors and tourists in different places in Hatta. Visitors will be able to use the rest areas for camping or barbecue.

Dubai Municipality will also build a series of pathways between farms across Hatta to provide tourists and visitors the opportunity to enjoy the pristine nature. The pathways extend over a distance of 2 km, through many major tourist attractions such as the Hatta Heritage Village, Hatta Kayak and Hatta Dam. The lanes are also one of the routes of the Hatta Hiking project.