Al Majaz Waterfront line up activities this Eid Al Adha

Audience and revellers will get a chance to interact and take part in the festivities at the waterfront

Staff Report
15:07 August 24, 2017

Sharjah: Eid revellers will be at the centre of the celebrations this Eid Al Adha at Sharjah’s Al Majaz Waterfront from September 1 to 3.

The waterfront’s line-up for the Eid Al Adha holidays includes a mix of exciting acts that encourage audience participation.

The activities will take place every day from 5.30pm to 9.30pm on Friday, September 1 to Sunday, September 3, to give families an option to celebrate the festivities.

The Al Majaz Waterfront will have acrobatic shows, daring fire artistes and balancing acts, including the celebration’s highlights — roaming parade with LED costumes that will take place three times each night.

Organisers said there will be plenty of opportunities for the audience to interact and joke with the walkabout parade including some perfect ‘selfie’ moments to capture the memories for years to come.

In between the parades, packed with circus tumbling and a constant stream of family fun, the audience will be treated to several acts including the twice-nightly acrobatic chair balancing show, which incorporates a number of moves and poses including gravity-defying handstands from a tower of chairs.

Later in the evening, the exhilarating fire dance show, which also takes place twice a night, tells a vivid story with thrilling, perfectly orchestrated moves combining acrobatics, flaming torches and sensational pyrotechnics.

Mohammad Fadhil Al Mazroui, Manager of Al Majaz Waterfront, said: “Our entertainment for Eid Al Adha is extremely lively and provides constant opportunities to get involved with the performers. This is a truly unique setting not just for celebrations but also for guests to enjoy our wonderful restaurants and cafes which add to our international reputation.”