Super bike to be used as ambulance in Dubai

Fast bike which looks like a sports car showcased at Arab Health 2018

Suchitra Bajpai Chaudhary, Senior Reporter
19:02 January 31, 2018

Dubai: The Dubai Corporation of Ambulance Services will introduce the sleek Polaris Bike soon on Dubai roads.

The fast bike, which looks like a sports car. was on display at the Arab Health 2018.

Speaking to Gulf a news, Mohammad Mohsin Al Qafli, head of the first responders and bike group at DCAS, described the magnificent machine. “This bike which can run at a speed of 220kmph is the first responder’s vehicle. The first responder is someone who is dispatched as soon as we receive the emergency call. He reaches before the ambulance.”

Al Qafli added that the bike will be manned by advanced paramedics of DCAS who would reach a victim at super speed and provide immediate help on the spot before the patient can be transferred to a hospital in an ambulance. 
“The bike will be equipped by a trailer which will have all medicines, and oxygen and resuscitation equipment.”