Drive on safe disposal of expired medicines launched

Initiative by Dubai Health Authority tries to spread awareness

16:36 December 28, 2017

Dubai: The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) launched an initiative to raise public awareness about the safe disposal of expired medicines to avoid their negative impacts on the environment and public health.

Dr Ali Al Syed, director of the Pharmaceutical Services Department at DHA, underlined the importance of establishing the concept of the safe use of medicines and the protection of the environment and community members from the harmful effects of misuse of drugs and the poor management of expired medicines.

He said the initiative has achieved an impressive success in raising the awareness of community members about the proper management and use of medicines to ensure the public safety.

Dr Al Syed pointed out that the DHA attaches great attention to the health and environmental safety by launching awareness campaigns that aim to educate patients and their families about the proper ways of dealing with medicines and how to avert negative impacts of misuse.