Fresh warning against illegal ads in Sharjah

Tenants resort to sticking scores of rental ads on walls, poles, buildings

14:05 July 26, 2017
Notices or ads
Notices or ads

Sharjah: A Sharjah Municipality official has reiterated warning against defacing public property by pasting unlicensed ads on them, saying violators will be referred to police and other authorities.

The warning comes as some places have seen a surge in the ads, which are mostly regarding room or “bed space” sharing, glued on boarding, walls, buildings, bridges, tunnels and other places.

In Al Nahda area, the ads have reappeared after authorities had removed older ones, scrapping and tearing off a huge number of unauthorised notices, which are mostly printed on regular white copy paper.

Mohammad Ali Al Kaabi, head of the City Cleanliness Section at Sharjah Municipality, told Gulf News that violators would face the full force of the law.

“Once inspectors catch the person red-handed, then the law will be applied on him or her and he or she will be transferred to the authorities concerned, including police and rental management [agency],” Al Kaabi said.

He conceded it is not easy to catch violators simply by calling the number listed on the ads.

“There is no certain method to chase those who stick these ads because sometimes it is just a trick to hurt others. For example, one person put the ads carrying the mobile number of another person just to bother him or take revenge for some issue between them.”

However, the section works diligently to remove the ads, he said, with officials combing all corners of the emirate. Al Kaabi added: “If inspectors find these ads stuck on walls or poles, they inform Bee’ah [Sharjah Environment Company] to remove the ads in order to keep the city beautiful.”

He also warned against commercial ads posted by companies without authorisation.

“Any company found sticking ads randomly in the city without getting permission, then Sharjah Municipality in cooperation with Sharjah Police will enforce the law on these companies, which can include blocking the company.

“Most of these companies are based outside the emirate and stick their ads inside the city, destroying the image of the city. We are working hard to keep the city beautiful.”

Al Nahda residents said the ads keep reappearing after being removed by authorities. “I think there are a lot of ‘bachelors’ in the area offering or looking for roommates or bed space. Instead of placing an ad in the newspaper or online, they simply stick the ads everywhere they can in the area,” said a Pakistani tenant, who did not wish to be named.

Gulf News called a few of the numbers listed on the ads. A number of people admitted they had posted the ads, apologised and promised to have them removed. However, a person whose mobile number was on an ad denied he had stuck the ad on the wall of a governmental building in Al Nahda. He had initially confirmed he was offering rooms for rent.

“This is the first time I’ve heard a complaint like this; I don’t know why anyone would put my number on the ad on the wall. I’m only advertising online,” he said.