Fish market no longer under Dubai Municipality

Civic body clarifies that it only controls public health issues in the new Waterfront Market under Investment Corporation of Dubai

Staff Report
17:24 July 13, 2017

Dubai: Dubai Municipality on Thursday clarified that it has no role in the management, operation and maintenance of the newly opened Waterfront Market, which replaced the 60-year-old Deira Fish Market under the civic body. “The market, which started operation last month, is the responsibility of the Waterfront Market and the Fishermen’s Association and the municipality’s role is to ensure the implementation of the municipality laws and hygiene rules,” Faisal Juma Al Badaiwi, head of Markets Management Section of the municipality’s Assets Management Department, said in a press release.

He said the Waterfront Market complex comprises the fish, vegetables, fruits and meat markets.

“Though the municipality is not involved in the management and operation of the complex, it deals with the market in regard to the protection of public health and ensuring the implementation of the hygiene and technical regulations in force in the emirate, which are part of the municipality’s efforts to protect public health,” said Al Badaiwi.

He said that the Waterfront Market complex is like any other mall in Dubai, and the municipality has no control over it except that of monitoring its compliance with the public health rules and regulations in force in the emirate.

“All activities in terms of operation, management, maintenance and cleanliness are the responsibility of the Waterfront Market as per the official letter sent to the municipality by the Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD) when we were handing over the new building to Waterfront Market,” said Al Badaiwi.

He explained that the market was built by Dubai Municipality and the ICD had sent a letter to the municipality asking for full handover of the market to the Waterfront Market.

“Accordingly, Hussain Nasser Lootah, director-general of Dubai Municipality, issued a decision to form a committee from the municipality to oversee the handover process of the new market. The remarks and comments of Waterfront Market Company on the new market were also taken into consideration and the contractor was then instructed to make modifications according to the requirements set forth by them,” said Al Badaiwi.

He said the municipality has even ensured the rights of traders in the old market as it continued its interaction with the management of Waterfront Market and gave them the list and accounts of all tenants to make sure that they get a place in the new market.

“Being represented in the Transition Supervision Committee, the municipality has played a significant role in facilitating the transfer process and ensured the provision of places for traders in the new market,” said Al Badaiwi.

He said the contractor’s statement regarding the year of warranty of the market was also handed over to the management of the Waterfront Market.

“The municipality also gave instructions to the contractor to directly contact the Waterfront Market as the official body that was handed over the market from administrative, operational and technical aspects,” said Al Badaiwi.

He pointed out that since the Waterfront Market is responsible for the cleaning operation of the market, it has signed contracts with cleaning companies as well as general maintenance companies to carry out such operations in the market.

Elaborating on the control of the market, especially fish control, Al Badaiwi said that as per the directions received by the municipality previously from ICD, the control process and auctioneering have been assigned to the Fishermen’s Association.