Emirati martyr laid to rest in Fujairah

First corporal Saeed Matar Ali Al Kaabi lost his life while performing his national duty in Saudi Arabia’s Najran region

16:16 October 27, 2017
First Corporal Saeed Mattar Ali Al Kaabi

Fujairah: Emirati martyr First Corporal Saeed Matar Ali Al Kaabi was laid to rest in Fujairah on Friday.

MartyrFirst corporal Saeed Matar Ali Al Kaabi (left) lost his life while performing his national duty in Saudi Arabia’s Najran region, as part of the Operations ‘Storm of Resolve and Restoring Hope’ being conducted in Yemen by the Saudi-led Coalition to back the legitimate government.

The General Command of the UAE Armed Forces announced on Thursday the martyrdom.

Al Kaabi was 36. He is survived by his wife, and four children — Matar, 8, Halima, 6, Fatima, 4 and Rashid, 3.

Al Kaabi was one of 13 siblings — seven brothers and six sisters.

The funeral prayer was held at Al Tawhyid mosque in Al Quryah area in Fujairah.

Hundreds of Emiratis, residents and senior officials performed the prayer for the martyr and his body was buried in Al Quryah cemetery after the Asr prayer.

They prayed to Allah Almighty to rest the martyr’s soul in Paradise and grant solace to his family.

Rashid Al Kaabi, the martyr’s brother, told Gulf News that when his family heard the news, they felt proud of his sacrifice. All his family members, he said, are ready to sacrifice their souls to protect the nation’s security and stability.

“The whole country and I are proud of my brother and other martyrs,” he said.

Rashid said that the martyr had, in a voice message, requested his brothers and sisters to gather at their mother’s house on Thursday when he would come on a visit but they were shocked by the news that he died only hours before his arrival in the UAE.

Al Kaabi said that his brother had always said he would either come home in victory or in martyrdom and he achieved one of his wishes.

In another voice recording, the martyr told his brother that all his friends had became martyrs and that he wished to join them.

He was known for his love for humanitarian work. Al Kaabi described his martyred brother as a “caring person and an affectionate father, kind and generous”. He would call and keep in touch with his mother, his wife and his brothers and sisters.

“He always urging us to take care of our mother when he left for his military mission,” he said.

The father of the family died 19 months back.

Al Kaabi’s mother, though overwhelmed by grief, is proud that he was martyred in the line of duty.

The General Command of the UAE Armed Forces extended its condolences to the family and relatives of the martyr, praying to Allah to rest his soul in eternal peace, and bestow patience and solace on his family and relatives.