Dubai Media Office holds workshop on news operations

Bloomberg team gave a comprehensive overview of the company to members of the Dubai Public Diplomacy and Communication Network

Staff Report
18:28 September 13, 2017
nat bloom

Dubai: The Government of Dubai Media Office (GDMO) organised a workshop for members of the Dubai Public Diplomacy and Communication Network in cooperation with Bloomberg on Wednesday.

The workshop, which was held at Bloomberg’s Middle East and North Africa headquarters in Dubai, was organised to enable members of the network gain a better understanding of the news operations of Bloomberg, a global financial software, data and media company.

Led by the Government of Dubai Media Office (GDMO), the Dubai Public Diplomacy and Communication Network is a platform for communication officials in government and semi-government organisations to share information and best practices.

“The workshop was part of the network’s efforts to help members enhance their understanding of how global media organisations work in the current environment,” said Noora Al Mansouri, senior manager, Strategic Communications, GDMO.

She added that such workshops help members further develop their strategic capabilities and gain greater knowledge of global best practices and the latest communication tools.

The Bloomberg team gave a comprehensive overview of the company to members of the network. They explained how the company works to fulfil its objective of empowering business leaders to make faster decisions. More than 2,600 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries power Bloomberg’s services. The company’s subscribers worldwide have an average income of $438,000 and manage an average of $1.5 billion. Bloomberg puts out 5,000 stories a day in more than 120 countries, while its proprietary terminal processes 60 billion pieces of information from the market a day.

At the workshop, the Bloomberg team outlined the key guiding principles behind the development of its news stories. They said Bloomberg strives to ensure neutrality, balance and fairness in all its reporting, setting aside personal biases, while making every effort to obtain a prompt and complete rebuttal to any accusation.

The team explained the terms of engagement of reporters, which include always identifying themselves as journalists in any meeting, treating conversations as on the record in the absence of another agreement, quoting people accurately and never allowing sources to see stories before publication.

The team also offered tips to members of the network, among which included ensuring press releases are newsworthy, succinct and clear, avoiding jargon, being experts of their organisations and the topics they represent, and knowing the reporters who cover specific companies.

Bloomberg has steadily expanded its presence in Dubai over the last decade. In 2011, it opened its 10th global hub in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), tripling the size of its Dubai office. Last year, Bloomberg expanded its regional media offering with a suite of new editorial platforms to serve its growing regional audience. These included a dedicated digital destination, original television programming, a new television studio and a major new conference.