Are escalators safe in Dubai?

This is how Dubai Municipality makes sure that escalators in shopping malls will not trap people’s clothes

14:21 September 13, 2017

Dubai: Have you ever worried about getting your clothes stuck in an escalator?

Residents in Dubai will soon not have to worry about this type of incident as authorities on Wednesday confirmed that they are keeping a close watch on the safety of escalators in buildings, shopping centers and markets.

Escalators will be required to have a cover installed to protect the upper conveyor belt, which should be fixed at the beginning of the conveyor belt to reduce accidents from happening, such as getting people’s clothes stuck in it.

Dubai Municipality also recently organised a workshop to discuss the conditions, specifications and safety requirements of the escalators in public places.

“All elevators, escalators, moving walkways and conveyor belts must have a certificate of examination and compliance, with the safety requirements from a company accredited by the Accreditation and Compliance Center and renew them periodically,” said Redha Salman, director of the health and safety department at Dubai Municipality.

Last March, Gulf News reported that Dubai buildings had to improve the safety level of escalators after a five-year-old boy lost his big toe when his rubber footwear got stuck in a hotel’s escalator on February 14.

The British boy was in Dubai with his parents and sister for a holiday to mark his fifth birthday.

Salman explained that Dubai Municipality is keen on the participation of all segments of the society in ensuring the safety of the public safety, and does not spare any effort in implementing the highest standards of health and safety in all public places in Dubai according to the best international practices.

Previously, Hussain Nasser Lootah, director general of Dubai Municipality, issued a circular to enhance the safety standards of escalators, based on the provisions of the Local Order No. 11 of 2003 on Public Health and Community Safety in the emirate of Dubai.

“We urge people not to violate the local order inviting fines, punishments and legal procedures,” added Salman.