Watch: Emirates plane painted with red rose for Valentine's Day

The aircraft's first route was to Nairobi, Kenya, where it was loaded with flowers for Valentine's Day

13:20 February 14, 2017
Emirates SkyCargo aircraft

Dubai: Emirates SkyCargo is celebrating love this year, and has painted one of its planes to prove it.

In a 1.5 minute video released ahead of Valentine’s Day, the footage reveals the process of how  Emirates SkyCargo, the freight division of Emirates airline, paints a rose on one of its Boeing 777-F freighter aircraft.

The video was shot at the Emirates Aircraft Appearance Centre in Dubai.

In a statement, Emirates SkyCargo said the decal, “highlights the strong contribution made by the air cargo carrier to the floriculture industry through the transport of fresh flowers across the world.”

Where will the plane go?

One of the first ports of call for the aircraft was Nairobi in Kenya, where the aircraft was loaded with a consignment of flowers headed to Amsterdam – the world’s largest flower distribution centre.

Transporting flowers is a global business, and is not limited to Valentine's Day, although the numbers do increase for this time of year.

Between January and December 2016, Emirates SkyCargo said it transported over 70,000 tonnes of fresh flowers around the world.

It is estimated that close to 250 million stems of roses are grown worldwide exclusively to cater to the increased demand for flowers around Valentine’s Day.

The journey of a flower usually begins in a farm where it is harvested by hand.

The freshly harvested flowers are then sorted, arranged in bouquets and hand packed into boxes which are then loaded on the aircraft. In order to ensure maximum freshness and shelf life, the temperature in the cargo hold of the aircraft is maintained between one and three degrees Celsius.