Dubai Marina turns red: Cause yet unknown

Speculation rife over what caused part of the water in the iconic Marina to change colour

Gulf News Web Report
06:50 June 23, 2017
The waters in a section of Dubai Marina have turned red.

The cause of a strange phenomenon that turned the Dubai Marina waters into a shade of orange remains unknown, nearly a day after it took place.

The tidal-fed waters at the iconic man-made canal dotted by high-rises on both sides turned a strange shade of orange late on Thursday, with speculation rife as to the cause of the colour change.

Social media users suggested some kind of spill was responsible for altering the shade of the iconic stretch of water.

Dubai Marina is one of the city's most luxurious waterfront developments with a large, man-made canal spanning 3.5 km that offers access to the sea from both ends.


Twitter user @benzonar tweeted: "Some sort of spillage in Dubai Marina."

Another user, @LouiseRedvers, posted a picture showing the cloud of red growing gnest to the normal blue waters.

She wrote: "Strange goings on in #DubaiMarina this evening."

Another Twitter user, @Shazzarinksi, also noticed the difference, asking: "what's [sic] spillage is this?"