Dubai expat detained over mistaken identity

The Dubai-based PR executive made a stopover in Germany, when he was mistaken for a wanted criminal

07:25 July 23, 2017
German federal police patrol Frankfurt Airport

Dubai: A Dubai-based expat was detained for four hours in Germany after authorities mistook him for a wanted criminal.

Kareem Farid, an Egyptian Public Relations executive and former journalist, was travelling to Prague, Czech Republic, on Saturday via Frankfurt, Germany.

However, his much-anticipated holiday soon turned sour when authorities at Frankfurt Airport mistook him for a man who went by the same first name, but spelt as ‘Karim’, who was wanted for a federal offence in Germany.

After four hours of interrogation in a small room, Farid was eventually released from custody.

In a series of tweets and posts on social media, Farid explained that even though he lost his connecting flight to Prague, his holiday plans are back on track and has been able to successfully reach his destination.

On an Instagram photo, Farid posted up a photo in Prague, with the caption: "Prague is always a soul reliever. Especially after today's situation at Frankfurt airport."