2017: Year in review

Take a look at the iconic moments that shaped 2017

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06:00 December 31, 2017
2017: Year in review

From the inauguration of Donald Trump to his declaration on Occupied Jerusalem, from the defiance of Fawzi Al Juneidi to Manchester and #MeToo, 2017 will go down as one of the most eventful and extraordinary years in recent history. Saudi Arabia unveiled historic reforms and India its tryst with GST. There was Brexit, bitcoins and Beyonce’s babies. The plight of the Rohingya and the siege of Ghouta. In the spirit of the Year of Giving, the UAE launched its first Food Bank; and in the spirit of innovation, the Dubai Font. Louvre Abu Dhabi was born and Usain Bolt signed off. Box offices bubbled with a string of hits while many a legend bid goodbye. Take a look at the iconic moments that shaped the year.... 

NATION: The Year of Giving has just begun ...

In its first year, the national campaign has generated several humanitarian initiatives, inspired millions of volunteer hours and boosted private sector contributions to charity, reinforcing the UAE’s core values of humanitarianism and generosity

Shaikh Mohammad

NATION: UAE invests in inclusive growth

The launch of the Food Bank, smart governance initiatives, proactive diplomacy and a continuing support for arts and culture marked an eventful year for the UAE. The Arab Reading Challenge and the Global Teacher Award were huge successes. Dubai Airports introduced smart gates to ease passenger convenience while the Dubai Fitness Challenge made exercise an integral part of residents’ lives. Here’s a look at some of the milestones last year

NATION: Innovation meets culture

Adopting the latest technology while staying true to tradition comes naturally to the UAE. The Louvre Abu Dhabi’s opening and the planned Mars Scientific City were highlights in a year that also saw the UAE Government taking big strides in its commitment to clean energy, efficient transport and smart governance

GCC/MIDDLE EAST: Another year of tumult in region

It was yet another tumultuous year for the region. Daesh was militarily defeated, but at a huge cost for civilians. In Syria, the inhumane siege of Ghouta and aerial bombing of civilian areas continued. Somalia experienced its worst-ever terrorist attack. Saudi Arabia led global efforts to fight terror, while trying to check Iran’s expansionism. With their brutal killing of Ali Abdullah Saleh, Al Houthis showed they are not interested in peace. And Donald Trump’s move recognising Occupied Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is bound to stoke regional tensions this year.

Watch: Five Times Humanity was Lost

Gulf News takes a look back on some of the pain and suffering that occurred in 2017 in the Middle East. It's impossible to predict what could be in store for 2018, but the ingredients for instability have already been added to the pot...

WORLD: The Rohingya crisis continues

A brutal ethnic cleansing by the military in Myanmar forced more than half a million Rohingya to flee to neighbouring Bangladesh. Amid stories of violence and natural disasters, US President Donald Trump turned politics on its head and Zimbabwe’s leader Robert Mugabe was forced to call it a day after 37 years in power. There were also moments of joy when UK’s Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement.


BUSINESS: Bitcoin, taxes and protectionism fears 

2017 was a wild year, filled will booming markets and arguments over global policies. Bitcoin and the FANGs led the charge on the markets, despite the rising spectre of global protectionism championed by Donald Trump and his “America First” policy. Regionally, the UAE saw a busy year with the implementation of an excise tax, major acquisitions and headline-stealing IPOs.


BUSINESS: It’s all about the numbers 

From big aviation deals to the volatility in cryptocurrencies and the instability in oil prices, this year was all about the numbers that dominated the news.

all about the numbers

SPORT: Legends of the game hold sway

It was an year when the proven champions of the game underlined their class once more in the sporting arena. Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal scaled new heights as Cristiano Ronaldo captured back-to-back Ballon D ‘Or. Like all good things, the Bolt era had to come to an end- though it was not quite the fairytale ending he would have liked. Pakistan, meanwhile, were the toast of cricket world by winning the ICC Champions Trophy. 


TABLOID: Stars make a date with the UAE

Some of the world’s biggest celebrities made stops in the country this year for movie launches, events and more. tabloid! picks its favourite famous guests.


TABLOID: Hollywood hits and flops

Box office numbers are a good indicator of how commercial a movie is, but there are other things to consider: fan reactions, critics’ takes and overall memorability. Hollywood’s most impactful releases this year ranged in genre  and produced a few surprises along the way — as well as several tragic flops.

Tabloid hit and flops

TABLOID: A bleak year for Hindi films

‘Baahubali 2: The Conclusion’, a fantasy epic dubbed in Hindi featuring South Indian stars, dominated the Hindi box-office landscape of 2017, and a slew of comedies spread cheer. Here’s a look at movies that were adored and the ones that sank without a trace...


IN MEMORIAM: The final goodbye

From legends of Hollywood and Bollywood to top politicians, business magnates, philanthropists and musicians, we lost many notable names this year. 


The VIEWS: Newsmakers of the year

2017 was a roller-coaster. While new faces emerged on the global scene in politics, arts, science, activism and sports, many well-known names took a fall. Here is our shortlist


WORLD: Memorable soundbytes

From the Saudi King’s address to the nation to Trump’s ill-conceived declaration on occupied Jerusalem to the Pope’s plea for peace in Myanmar, here are a selection of the quotes that marked turning points in history this year.


SPORT: Motormouths and modesty

The most memorable quotes from the big names in the world of sport. 


Reader pictures: A look at reader pictures of the year

Each one of our reader-photographers, armed with their cameras or smartphones, searched for that truth in their pictures. For some, it was about Nature’s grand beauty; for others, it was about human ambition and spirit. In 2017, our readers brought their unique perspective to the fore. 

Reader pictures of the year