UAE community collects 5.5 tonnes of cans for recycling

Individuals and establishments participate in nationwide clean-up campaign

Staff Report
15:17 October 29, 2017
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Dubai: The UAE community on Saturday collected more than 5.5 tonnes of aluminium cans for recycling for the 21st annual edition of the Can Collection Drive of Emirates Environmental Group (EEG).

The effort brought together more than 200 entities from across the UAE, including hotels, families, academic institutions and corporations.

So far this year the EEG has collected over 17.6 tonnes of aluminium cans for recycling, which makes up 63 per cent of the set target of 28 tonnes. Habiba Al Marashi, chairperson of EEG, said EEG has collected more than 300 tonnes of cans for recycling till date.

The combined effort of various hotels, families, academic institutions and corporations reeled in 5537 kg of Aluminium Cans for recycling on 28th October 2017.

Besides aluminium cans, EEG also facilitates the collection of paper, plastic, glass bottles, toners and mobile phones for recycling. By conducting such campaigns, EEG is constantly adding on to the aim of achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals, it said in a statement on Saturday.

Anthony Barnett, president of Ball Beverage Packaging AREA, said: “As the world’s leading metal packaging manufacturer, cans are our business. We are committed to using and promoting but also recycling our products and making the can the most sustainable package in the world. Cans, especially aluminium cans, are by far the most valuable material in the recycling stream. Cans are 100 per cent recyclable. Thus, they can be recycled infinitely with no loss of quality. Hereby, the scrap value of aluminium significantly contributes to the economic foundation for the overall recycling system. That’s why we are excited to participate in the Can Collection Drive.”

EEG said it encourages every individual, from young students to working professionals, to actively participate in recycling campaigns. EEG has also teamed up with UN Environment Programme and stays committed to their #BeatPollution Pledge to clean the planet.

Mrs. Habiba Al Marashi, Chairperson of Emirates Environmental Group. The drive brought together more than 200 entities from all the Emirates to participate in the event.

Al Marashi expressed her gratitude to Ball Corporation for coming on board as an official sponsor and Del Monte for its co-sponsorship for the Can Collection Drive 2017, and thanked all participants.