Surprise inspection tuns ups violations at Ajman fish market

Inspection part of periodic field visits carried out by the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment

Staff Report
19:19 September 7, 2017
NAT-170907 Climate Change1
NAT-170907 Climate Change

Dubai: Ajman fish market received a surprise visit as part of a random inspection regimen by the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE) to audit environmental, agricultural, livestock and fishery facilities in the UAE.

The visit was carried out by the Fish Inspection Section at the Ministry’s External Audit Department in coordination with Ajman Municipality and the Ajman Fishermen Association to verify the compliance of the fish market with the federal fisheries legislation.

The inspection team said it observed several violations concerning the prevention of fishing, selling and marketing of undersized fish. As per the decision, any fish caught by mistake that are smaller than the legally specified minimum size must be released back to the sea unharmed.

The ministry stressed the need to abide by the laws issued to preserve the country’s fish stocks in order to achieve its strategic objectives of enhancing food safety and sustainability of local production.

The ministry said it has spared no effort training auditors qualified to undertake field inspections to assure compliance with relevant legislations across a range of establishments. In line with the objectives of its operational plan, the External Audit Section has held several training courses and workshops for fish market inspectors at local authorities.

The Ministry urged the public to visit its website www.moccae.gov.ae to understand the federal laws and ministerial decisions related to its work, and encouraged members of the community to report any violation by calling 8003050 or through its social media channels.