Municipality asks builders to comply with rules for temporary fences

Municipal officials inspect 51 sites in Musaffah, ask builders to rectify faulty construction

Staff Report
17:11 February 23, 2018

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Municipality has launched an awareness campaign in Musaffah Industrial Area on the public health and safety standards set for temporary boundary walls.

Municipal officials inspected 51 sites. They informed the parties concerned about the municipality’s stipulations for temporary boundary walls and directed the owners of the sites that have failed to comply with these to take remedial measures.

During the campaign, owners were made aware of the importance of renovating improperly built boundary walls to keep them in line with the health and safety standards. They were urged to take necessary action as a precaution for the changing weather and emergency conditions, and also to bring them in line with the engineering and aesthetic standards.

Such compliance will contribute to protecting pedestrians and surrounding buildings.

They were also urged to comply with the environmental protection rules to contribute to making Abu Dhabi an environment-friendly city.

As per the rules, the distance between the poles of the temporary boundary wall must not be more than five centimetres and they must not rise more than 20cm from the ground. The height of the wall must not be less than 2.5 metres, and the entrance must not be more than five metres.

Cautionary and directional signs have to be installed in specific areas displaying the names of the project, contractor and consultants.

The rules also stipulate that the poles must be of iron fixed on temporary concrete pillars. The boundary wall must be painted in bright orange or any other suitable colour approved by the municipality. Periodic maintenance of the walls has to be undertaken.