100 Smart trash cans on Dubai’s Shaikh Zayed Road

Solar powered waste containers have compartments for recyclable materials and general waste

Staff Report
19:31 April 8, 2018
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Dubai: Dubai Municipality has introduced 100 smart and environment-friendly trash cans on Shaikh Zayed Road.

These waste containers having separate compartments for general waste and recyclable materials have been introduced as a first phase to encourage waste separation and increase the efficiency of recycling programs, the Waste Management Department said in a press release on Sunday.

These containers have been placed along both sides of Shaikh Zayed Road from Dubai World Trade Centre roundabout to the first Interchange linking the bridge on Safa Street and Financial Centre Street, it said.

The smart containers are designed to the highest and the best quality standards approved in the field, said Abdul Majeed Abdul Aziz Al Saifaie.

“They are solar powered and equipped with electronic devices and high-precision sensors to monitor and measure the level of waste.”

When the container is full, he said, it reports by sending an instant signal to the control centre to carry out the unloading when needed.

“The innovative containers also contain two separate openings, one for general waste and the other for recyclable materials such as glass, packaging, plastic, paper etc,” he said.

The move is part of Dubai Municipality’s keenness to adopt best practices to enhance the quality of sustainable life in Dubai.

Al Saifaie pointed out that the automatic waste compression feature available in the container will increase the capacity of the container, which is about eight times greater than the regular containers distributed in the city with a capacity of 85 litres, thus reducing the number of reports and complaints about the accumulation of waste in the public streets.

“In addition to that the sealed design of the container prevents insects and rodents attracted to it, and thus it mitigates the negative impacts on health and environment and the general aesthetic appearance of the place. The outer structure of the container enables it to be used for spreading awareness and education messages directed to all segments and groups of the society,” he said.