Watch: Dubai Police help motorist whose car stalled

Officers honoured for their act

15:48 August 9, 2017
NAT_170809 Policemen honoured for helping a stranded driver
NAT_170809 Two police men helped stranded driver
NAT_170809 Two police men helped stranded driver 1

Dubai: Two Dubai Police officers who were seen pushing a stalled car to the side of a busy road were honoured by their commander-in-chief on Wednesday.

Major-General Abdullah Khalifa Al Merri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, honoured the two officers after a video posted on Instagram showed them pushing a civilian’s car on Al Wasl Road.

The officers, Sergeant Ebrahim Ali Abdullah Al Mudhreb and First Corporal Mohammad Saeed Mohammad Al Saeedi, who work in Bur Dubai station, were presented with certificates of appreciation by Maj-Gen Al Merri.

“Their job reflected the good reputation of Dubai Police among the public about providing security and safety for all residents and visitors,” Maj-Gen Al Merri said.

The video went viral on social networks with hundreds of comments from viewers praising the officers for their gesture. The video shows the policemen pushing the car in the afternoon heat with a police vehicle behind them to secure the road.

“The honouring will motivate our officers to provide better services for the happiness of the society,” Maj-Gen Al Merri added.

The man who posted the video can be heard thanking the officers for their keenness to keep the roads clear and helping anyone who faces a problem despite the hot weather.