Police warn of deadly risk in jumping red light

One killed and 127 others injured in accidents caused by drivers jumping red light in Dubai last year

18:48 March 1, 2018

Dubai: One person was killed and 127 others were injured in traffic accidents caused by motorists jumping the red signal in Dubai last year.

Brigadier Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, director of Traffic Department of Dubai Police, said the violation is a common cause of deaths and injuries, not to mention the high cost of damage to cars and property.

“Many drivers accelerate to cross a traffic signal and this behaviour is deadly as there could be head-on crashes or running over a pedestrian who is trying to cross the junction,” said Brig Al Mazroui.

fine for light vehicles jumping red light, apart from 12 black points and impounding of vehicle for 30 days

Though no one was killed in accidents caused by jumping the red light in Dubai so far this year, four people were injured in six collisions between vehicles because of this offence in 2018.

“When a driver jumps a red signal, there is a big chance of a fatal accident as the vehicle can hit another car or pedestrian, especially if he crosses the signal at high speed,” Brig Al Mazroui said.

Safety tips

Watch for the traffic light changing when approaching signals.

When approaching an amber signal, make sure you stop safely before the signal turns red.

Watch out for vehicles in front of you, which might suddenly brake to avoid amber or red light.


Most of the violations recorded last year were a result of speeding and the drivers attempting to cross the junctions on the amber light before the signal turned red.

According to the new Federal Traffic Law, which came into effect in July last year, the fine for light vehicles jumping the red signal is Dh1,000 and 12 black points and impounding of the vehicle for 30 days.

For trucks, the fine is Dh3,000 and the driver’s licence will be suspended for one year.

“Running red light is not worth the risk,” he added.