Police launch drive to make Dubai beaches safer

Six people died in nine drowning incidents so far this year, as compared to 29 deaths last year

15:02 August 8, 2017

Dubai: A total of six people died in drowning incidents on Dubai beaches this year in a significant drop compared to last year when 29 people were killed, Dubai Police said on Tuesday.

Brigadier Abdul Qader Al Bannai, director of Ports police station, said despite the drop in the number of drowning incidents, they have launched an awareness campaign to educate the beach users.

Dubai Police statistics show that during the last seven months, there were nine drowning incidents causing six deaths and three injuries. Last year, 35 drowning incidents resulted in 29 deaths and six injuries.

“We have launched a new campaign for beach users as a precautionary step to prevent drowning incidents on Dubai beaches. This year, there has been a good drop in the number of incidents and deaths so far and we want to have safer beaches,” Brigadier Al Bannai said.

The one-week campaign includes distributing fliers to beach users and speak with them face to face about the dangers of swimming at night and urging them to check the weather update.

As many as 62 volunteers are participating in the campaign and Dubai Police have urged parents to watch their children and not let them swim alone.

“Parents must look after their children and [encourage them to] use life jackets and also not leave expensive belongings on the beach and go swimming,” he added.