No major incidents in Downtown Dubai during New Year fete

Police say the celebrations were mostly incident free

20:58 January 3, 2018

Dubai: There were no major criminal incidents or serious accidents though more than one million people had gathered to watch the New Year’s Eve celebrations in Dubai, police said on Wednesday.

Brigadier Abdullah Al Gaithi, director of Protective Security and Emergency Department at Dubai Police, praised the efforts of 4,000 personnel and 32 different departments that participated in organising the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

“It was a successful celebration in all areas around Burj Khalifa as more than one million people gathered to watch the laser show. We took all necessary steps to organise the areas and we didn’t record any violation in the area,” Brigadier Al Gaithi said.

He said police patrols were alerted to ease the traffic flow and to allow people to reach the celebration areas without delay.

Major-General Abdullah Khalifa Al Merri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, was personally in the area supervising the situation until the celebrations ended late at night.

“It was a perfect cooperation between all authorities concerned to make it a successful night. We educated the audience about where they should go and how to reach the area. We had tents for any enquiry and first aid stations and other services for the public,” Brigadier Al Gaithi added.