Mother, child saved from water heater explosion

Abu Dhabi Police offer safety advice to prevent water heaters from blowing up

16:28 February 1, 2018
Water heater

Dubai: Police saved a woman and her child after their water heater exploded in their Al Ain home.

On Thursday, Abu Dhabi Police said that the woman and her child both sustained various injuries and were transferred to the closest hospital to receive medical attention.

Major Abdullah Matar Al Dhaheri, Head of Fire Incidents at the Criminal Evidence Department (CID) in Al Ain, said the explosion was caused due to a copper safety valve that had been incorrectly replaced.

“The new copper valve was not compatible with the victim’s water heater, which affecting the device’s heating mechanism. The valve’s incompatibility then caused salt to develop and cover the valve gap,” said Maj Al Dhaheri.

Abu Dhabi Police stressed that water heaters should be used according to appropriate safety standard, an urged the public to carry out regular maintenance.

“Residents are urged not to leave water heaters switched on for a long period of time, in order to avoid potential explosions,” said Dhaheri.

Professional Maintenance

Some important tasks require the expertise of a service professional.

For gas and oil-fired water heaters, burners should be cleaned once a year. Have the service professional also inspect flues and vents for cracks or loose connections which could leak deadly exhaust gases.

The single most neglected component of your home’s water heater is its sacrificial anode. The anode is a magnesium or aluminum rod that is suspended inside your steel storage tank.

Over time, an electrochemical reaction causes the anode rod to corrode while the steel tank remains intact. If the anode has sacrificed itself completely and there is no metal left, the electrochemical process attacks the water heater tank itself, and corrodes.

Have a qualified plumber to replace your anode rod once every two to five years.

Source: US National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors