Dubai Police rescue cat from drowning in sea

Policeman jumps into the water to rescue the cat

20:00 December 7, 2017

Dubai: A cat that almost drowned in the sea near Palm Deira was rescued by a Dubai Police team recently.

Lieutenant-Colonel Ali Abdullah Al Naqbi, director of the Sea Rescue Department in Dubai Police, told Gulf News that a policeman was walking near the Hyatt Regency hotel near Palm Deira when he heard a cat’s cries in the water. A closer look revealed a cat fighting for her life in the sea.

“She was desperately trying to climb the edge of the breakwater to save herself. She was so close to drowning and crying for help,” Lt-Col Al Naqbi told Gulf News.

The policeman called the command room to alert his colleagues and a team rushed to the area to rescue the cat.

“A swimmer jumped into the water and tried to put the cat in a basket but he couldn’t and so he held the cat in one arm and swam with one arm to safety,” Lt-Col Al Naqbi said.

Police covered the soaked and terrified cat with a blanket till she warmed up and then released her.

A video obtained by Gulf News shows the rescue operation.

“Dubai Police come to the aid of anybody who needs to be rescued — it doesn’t matter if it is a human being or an animal. The cat needed help and we responded in the shortest time possible to save her life,” Lt-Col Al Naqbi said.