Dubai boy honoured for rescuing brothers from burning house

12-year old evacuates three of his brothers from burning house in Al Ghusais and then controls blaze

18:08 September 11, 2017
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Dubai: A Dubai boy is being hailed as a hero for saving the lives of his three brothers when a fire broke out in their family home in Al Ghusais recently.

On Monday, Dubai Police praised 12-year-old Emirati Masoud Nasser Al Mazroui for evacuating his brothers and then going back into the house to fight the blaze before firefighters arrived on the scene.

Heroic actions

Dubai Police honoured him with a certificate for his heroic actions.

Masoud and his three brothers, aged two, four and eight, were alone in the house as their parents had stepped out when the youngest brother, who was playing with a lighter, accidentally ignited a set of curtains.

Masoud saw flames spreading near his little brother and rushed to rescue him. He took him outside the house before rushing back and evacuating his other two brothers.

He then warned the maid about the fire and joined her in trying to prevent the blaze from spreading using cooking pots filled with water.

Neighbours noticed the smoke

The neighbours noticed the smoke and called the Dubai Police command room. Police patrols and firefighters rushed to the house and extinguished the fire.

Brigadier Yousuf Al Adidi, director of Al Ghusais police station, praised the boy for his quick thinking in a crisis.

“What he did was heroic. He saved the lives of his little brothers while the flames were spreading in the house. He was clever in asking the housemaid to help him in controlling the fire till the arrival of the authorities. He is an example of what people should do in emergency situations,” Brig Al Adidi said.

Nasser Al Mazroui, the boy’s father, thanked Dubai Police and expressed pride in his son’s actions.

“Awareness campaigns in schools about what to do when a fire starts helped my son take proper action. I’m very proud that he rushed to evacuate his brothers first and then extinguished the fire,” he said.