Driver burns to death, two others killed in crash

The incident happened on Maliha Road in Sharjah on Monday

19:07 November 6, 2017

 Sharjah: A driver was burnt to death and two others were killed in an accident on Maliha Road, police said on Monday.

All the victims were travelling in the same car.

Major Abdul Rahman Khater, Director of Traffic Awareness Department of Sharjah Police said  a vehicle  burst into flames it crashed into a barrier following a tyre burst at around 2pm on Maliha Road.

The driver was burned to death, he said.

Firefighters went to the scene and controlled the fire. A patrol reached the site and pulled the body of the deceased and moved it to a hospital.

Major Khater said some people who gathered at the accident spot took videos of the vehicle in flames. He warned people not to share these videos and respect the privacy of the victims’ families.

He criticized the behaviour of the bystanders and said their actions exposed them to legal liabilities as they disregarding the privacy of the victim by sharing the videos.