Asian couple rescued from RAK mountain

Police come to the aid of couple after they lost their way to the main road

17:15 February 10, 2018

Ras Al Khaimah: An Asian couple who got lost in a mountain were rescued by Ras Al Khaimah Police on Friday night.

The police received a call on Friday around 6pm about the stranded couple, said Major Tarek Al Sharhan, head of the Emergency Department at Ras Al Khaimah Police,

A rescue team of seven members, including paramedics, was dispatched to the site. The team had two ambulances and a third rescue vehicle which could be used in rugged areas.

The team managed to locate the couple via WhatsApp, before they lost connection. With the help of police Air Wing, the rescue team managed to find the couple after three hours of search.

It was difficult to find the couple because of darkness and poor connectivity, Major Al Sharhan said.

The couple had lost their way in the mountain during an exploration trip and said they could not find their way back to the main road. The couple, in their 40s, were taken to safety and given first aid.

They live in another emirate and started their trip around 9am on Friday and did not have experience in climbing mountains.

Brigadier Dr Mohammad Saeed Al Humaidi, director-general of Central Operations, said those who wish to climb mountains must exercise caution. He said mountainous areas are very rugged and special coordination must be done with the authorities concerned to ensure safety.