UAE pupils tackle global conflict at mock UN

Dubai International Academy’s Model United Nations being held till March 18

Staff Report
13:21 March 15, 2017

Dubai: Middle and high school students from 50 schools started discussing issues around the theme of ‘International Response to Global Conflict’ at the annual Dubai International Academy’s Model United Nations (DIAMUN) on the school’s campus and at American University in Dubai on Wednesday.

The conference allows students to experience a lifelike simulation of the UN, discussing international issues and generating resolutions.

The event will host over 1,000 students till March 18.

Since its inception in 2009, DIAMUN has been a student-led effort, with an all-student committee directing, planning and executing every detail. The DIAMUN is also the only THIMUN (The Hague International Model United Nations) affiliated conference in the UAE.

Students from over 30 different nationalities are in attendance, voicing their respective country’s stance during debate sessions.

Poonam Bhojani, CEO of Innoventures Education, said: “DIAMUN is a platform for students to debate global issues in a setting that mirrors the real world. The conference provides students with insights on how to diplomatically evaluate situations, engage in critical thinking, troubleshoot, and discuss globally relevant topics. Through this conference, we aim to bring together a variety of students from diverse backgrounds to debate, develop writing and public speaking skills, and effectively problem solve — thereby contributing to their growth as leaders and future diplomats.”

DIAMUN 2017 secretary-general Sara Atassi, 16, said, “Each individual has a responsibility to contribute towards making the world a place where future generations will not have to point fingers and ask why our generation didn’t do more to help.”