Street performers return to Global Village

Entertainers wow visitors attending Dubai’s 21st season of multicultural theme park

Staff Report
14:44 March 2, 2017
Super Helpful Heroes
'The Tourists' performers
Gorilla gary

Dubai: Street entertainers have returned to Global Village with 10 daily performances for walk-through visitors attending the 21st season at the multicultural park in Dubai.

Global Village’s street entertainment team consists of a group of international professionals, said organisers in a statement on Thursday.

“The shows that we have here at Global Village are as good as you can get from anywhere around the world,” said Victoria Barklamb, street team leader.

Adam Barker, a stilt-act specialist, returns for the second time to Global Village this season.

“We have some of the most amazing audiences, and we’re very lucky to have that. They’re always eager to see more and interact with the entire team — and that’s exactly what we love to do! Global Village will just keep getting bigger and better and we are happy that we can contribute in our little way. Seeing people laugh whilst I’m doing my job is the real jackpot.”

An impressive array of street performers await visitors this year.

Global Village’s very own superheroes, the ‘Super Helpful Heroes’, are always around to help guests with the most creative solutions. With their brand-new supercar, puffy muscles and quirky outfits, there is no task too silly for this trio.

The Builders, as their name implies, go around the streets of Global Village working and constructing. However, they are no ordinary builders since they love to dance to the tunes of their broken radio as they go about their jobs. For these guys, it’s definitely all about work and play!

However, don’t be fooled by their groovy dance moves. Their second act, ‘Men not at work’, will have guests seeing the builders wandering around looking for the perfect spot to relax.

Mobile Magicians fascinate Global Village’s guests with street magic acts in their distinctive and creative automobiles. Their acts include: the magic box, an illusion act where artefacts and pigeons disappear, and the stretch box in which visitors are fascinated by their body’s flexibility and elasticity.

This season, Global Village is dealing with a giant intruder, the Gorilla Gary. He’s captured an adventurer in his cage and spreading caution to all. Don’t be scared if you bump into the hairy creature, just don’t get too close, or you’ll end up in that cage too!

Junk Trunk, as the name suggests, is all about the junk and funk. With an attached stereo and drums set, the trunk team drives around the streets of Global Village with a drummer on top, playing the finest beats.

Taking scientific experiments to a whole new level, Global Village’s Mad Scientists are looking for gravity across the park this season. With levitation shows and juggling skits, the mad scientists also have a friend who may assist them.

Globot, Global Village’s very own robot, is also wandering around the park, entertaining guests and giving them a warm welcome.

When it comes to the big and the bold, no one does it better than Global Village’s stilters. Whether walking around on stilts or riding bikes on stilts, there’s always something fun happening a few metres up.


Getting in

Access to Global Village’s street entertainment is included in Global Village’s entry ticket. Global Village is open from 4pm to 12am Saturday-Wednesday, and from 4pm to 1am Thursday-Friday and on public holidays until April 8. Mondays are family days at Global Village.