Step back in time in Maliha

Maliha ecotourism offers time-machine packages

Staff Report
19:32 November 13, 2017

Sharjah: Visitors to Maliha Archaeological Centre will have a chance to travel back in time and discover the wonders of the past in a new series of packages designed to be both fun and educational.

Part of Shurooq’s Maliha Eco-tourism Project, the packages will allow the adventurers to explore the remains of a 70-million-year-old seabed in the desert and step into the lives of early humans who made their way from Africa to Maliha during the Paleolithic period, 130,000 years ago.

In ‘Explore Lost Worlds’, visitors join Maliha’s experts on an incredible journey into the worlds of the past, walking through several ages of ancient sea beds, discovering the graves of long dead creatures and inspecting the earth’s upper mantle as it lays exposed on the sands.

Another of the new features, ‘Sounds of the Past’, provides guests with an opportunity to look through the eyes of the first humans on Arabia, live a day in their lives, paint symbols on walls, and make the ancient tools that they used.

From the distant past to the infinite future, ‘Space Camp’ gives a glimpse deep into the night sky to unlock the secrets of the universe, helping both adults and children to understand the scale of the solar system, realise their place in the cosmos, comprehend the probability of alien life and much, much more.

“Without doubt, the most effective way to learn is through interaction and simply having fun. We have always ensured that educating people about the past should be in a creative and innovative format, also it needs to be realistic and put into context so that visitors can associate with the way of life their ancestors enjoyed and often endured,” said Mahmoud Rashid Al Suwaidi, Maliha Archaeological and Eco-Tourism manager.

Maliha’s ‘Night-Time Escape’ packages provide an after-dark adventure which includes trekking and stargazing, with private classes in natural history and astronomy as part of the experience.